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Colosseum Museum

Colosseum Museum

The Museo del Real Coliseo Carlos III, deals with the 250 years (1770-2020) of history of this coliseum, which is the oldest covered theater in Spain that is preserved, and its rich and varied artistic and musical life throughout his existence


Decorative elements and original furniture from the building declared BIC in 1995 are exhibited, such as its key to the King of the sg. XVIII, the bell of call to artists and public of the sg. XVII, sliding of the baroque stage of the sg. XVIII, models, plans, press, photographs, engravings, oils, sculptures of artists, authors and performers, scenographies and decorations, posters and programs, musical instruments, theater machines, cinema, radios, record players and work tools, costumes, books , scores, cartoons, etc. The visit begins with the projection of a video on the history and vicissitudes of the life of the Coliseum, based on the original and unpublished script written by the playwright Francisco Nieva in 1979 for this theater. In addition, small memories of the artistic and personal world of the artists who passed through the Colosseum are shown (tuners, batons, letters, manuscripts, fans, combs, dedications ...) that will allow us to remember them in their passage through this theater, avoiding their oblivion and contributing to continue living among us in memory.

Saturdays: 11am to 2pm and 3pm to 7pm - Sundays and holidays: 11am to 2pm and 3pm to 6pm

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Plaza de Jacinto Benavente , 2

91 896 05 15 - 91 890 70 93

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